There are many reasons to send money with PayPal.

It's free

Sending money with PayPal is free
when you send money in euros within
the European Union.*

It's fast

Send money to people around the
world in a few seconds: select your
recipient, add an amount, and hit
send. That’s it.

It's secure

With 24/7 transaction monitoring,
secure encryption technology, and
fraud protection, we’ve got you
covered with every payment you make.

Haley Martin Haley Martin

An app designed for you

The PayPal app delivers a more personalized experience the more you use it, making
it easier for you to send and receive money around the world.

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Secret birthday
present for Matt: New
York trip!

Organised by David Larusso

Chip in

Collect money from groups with Money Pools

Whether you're collecting money for group gifts, travel, or special events, Money Pools make it easy to create a custom page that allows family, friends, and coworkers to chip in.

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Get paid with your own unique link

Take the guesswork out of getting paid by creating a unique PayPal.Me link that you can send to your friends, family, or customers. They’ll be able to follow the link, enter an amount, and that’s it.