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Week 2 Wealth iQ:
Managing loans & debts
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Confidence to do more
We believe that how you define wealth determines how confident you feel. If you want a life well lived, it’s important to effectively manage your loans and debt. As part of QSuper’s Wealth iQ practical coaching over the next few weeks you can be confident to do more.
There’s always things you can do
From getting more out of your home loan, to understanding how investment loans world, there are plenty of small things you can do today to ensure you’ll be right later.
Credit cards: facts and stats
If you have credit card debt, you’re certainly not alone. From how much Australians owe on credit, to the average interest rate card providers are charging – here are some smart tips to reduce credit card debt.
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Credit card features to think about
There are plenty of credit cards out there and taking the time today to choose the right one could save you in the long run. Having a clear view of your personal spending habits (and a trusted source to help) makes it easier to compare.
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Pros and cons of investment loans
Borrowing to invest is not for everyone. Whilst you could potentially increase your investment returns when markets are rising, a savvy investor understands that the losses can be painful when the markets fall. It pays to understand if borrowing to invest is right for you.
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Buying property with a friend
Whether an investment property, a holiday getaway or a sharehouse, there are plenty of things to think about before you decide to buy property with a friend.
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