On December 2 and 3, we hosted Education on Air: It Takes a Teacher – a free online conference for teachers and administrators around the world.

We aimed to inspire attendees with ideas to improve education, to help teachers better use Google tools in the classroom and to drive leads. 53,000 people registered, 30,000 watched live and we generated 125 million social impressions surrounding the event. If you missed it, check out the recap video below or watch the whole event here.


By The Numbers

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      110 SESSIONS

         60 HOURS
              of live content

    41 live watch parties

    People around the world

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     1775 COUNTRIES

        brand new attendes
         (didnt register in 2005)

             Live attendes
         (3 X last years events)

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    Google for web educations
              website promo
           = 33K

       Emial = 27.90%

       Facebook = 8.8%

        Twitter = 4.4%

       Partners = 2.8%

125 million social impressions (53% increase from last year’s event)

30,000 new comms opt-ins, an increase of 40% in the opted-in list

When people opt-in we can nurture them with our newsletter and other email, leading to future bookings

pic1 Jullia Gillard
Former Prime Minister, AU
pic1 Jhon King
Secretary fo EDU
pic1 Eric Schdimit
Secretary of Alphabet
pic1 Robert Wintson
Proffesor of Imperial College
pic1 Jill Biden
Second Lady of US
pic1 Jahana Hayes
Teacher of the year

Breakout sessions led for educators, by educators

110 sessions over 24 hours helping teachers better use Google tools in the classroom. Most popular sessions:

When people opt-in we can nurture them with our newsletter and other email, leading to future bookings

Aimed at teachers:

Unleashing creativity in the classroom, led by Eleni Kyritsis

Effective formative assessment with Google tools, led by Amy Maye

Meeting the needs of 21st Century learners - Google Classrooms, Learner

Agency and Universal Design, led by Claire Amos

Love Forms but scared Sheets-less, led by Jay Atwood

Aimed at leaders:

Hacking 1:1 with Google tools, led by Kyle Brumbaugh

Assessing 21st century skills in a project-based environment, led by Kyle Wagner

Extreme makeover for learning, led by Donna Teuber

Disrupting learning - Student perspectives, led by Anthony Speranza

Social Media and engagement

organic paid

Top three Tweets


See more great social reactions here

Initial Reactions

We are making great strides towards total integration and every bit of this professional development is awesome. We had some superb conversations as a result of the sessions and will be taking a number of super-nuggets back to the general staff. I am particularly excited about the possibility of going 1:1.


This is school leader professional development and educator collaboration at its finest!


This experience was so amazing! I personally grew in so many ways with this experience. Thank you all for all of the ideas shared! It is invaluable to me and I am truly amazed to be able to learn with such amazing educators!


Big Takeways

The Edu website promo was very efficient in getting registrations (#1 channel); we should leverage the website for other large events and campaigns too
New promotion channels (Facebook, partners) helped us reach new people, both globally with higher % of registrants from outside the US, and new people from the US
Still difficult to reach existing Google for Education schools. Important to figure out ways to reach our existing schools (i.e. in-product marketing in Google Classroom; direct mailer)
Education on Air 2015 continues to influence new pipeline created today; we’ll follow up each quarter with an update on opportunities & pipeline impacted


It took a village to create this event. Massive thanks to:
I Regional leads: Fiona Coles (APAC) & Laura Sheridan (EMEA)
I Content: Jenny T, Julia, Tia, Ariel, Sowmya, Kate, Lindsay, Katie M, Alex S, Samantha Y, Sally-Ann, Marie, Devin R
I Event logistics: Amy and Tracy
I Web: Natanya & Ian
I Production: Andrew, Gary, Woody, Victoria and team
I Googler presenters: Eric, JR, Jason P, Jen H, Ope, Tom S, Drea Karen, Jenny T, Prachie, Abby
I Day-of volunteers: Sowmya, Suan, Christie, Yash, Vanessa, Katie, Jessica, Richard, Jenny T, David C, Hossain, Annie H, Kristin K, Ariel, Jimena, Adriana, Nina, Otavio, Fabiana, Fernanda, Giselle, Keith, Mateus, Paolo, Erica N, Rainne, Hatem, James L, Katie M, Jeminatu, Becky