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Super for your holiday


We help you save for
your holidays

Each pay, your employer puts away money on your behalf with us, which means when your annual leave comes around, you’ve got money tucked away. This means you can pay for flights and accommodation without relying on expensive credit card debt, or sacrifcing on the break you want and need to take.

Our process

  • Set the goal

    Help me set the goal holiday that I want to take
  • Give me the means to achieve it

    Give me the means to do so via a savings fund/solution
  • Encryption

  • Keep it out of my hands

    By having it paid by my employer in the same way that superannuation is paid on my behalf
  • Keep me inspired

    Tell us where you want to go and we’ll help you create your dream trip
  • Achieve the goal

    Get the money, book the fights and go

What’s in it for