200 Women: The Listening Ground

The following videos are a collection of extraordinary stories from extraordinary women around the world. We hope they give you perspective, joy and understanding in equal measures.


When we asked women what matters to them, we did not expect the diversity in the answers. Truth, dignity, the planet and self-belief are just some of the topics women spoke to.


Whilst we all want to be happy, it turns out that what is going to make us happy is very different. Listen in as women aspire to sit around a kitchen table filled young people among other things.


No one likes to talk about pain. About sadness or about loss. So we thought it was critical that we did. Listen as some extraordinary women talk about breast cancer, the death of children, depression and witnessing life support machines being turned off.


Change is scary but often worth it. In fact for the world to move on, to be propelled forward change is exactly what we need. Listen to wonderful women talk about the change we still need in terms of gender pay disparity, sexual assault, human rights and women in the workplace.


Could you describe the single word you most identify with? We asked 200 amazing women from around the world to do just that. Can you guess what they said? We’ll give you a hint – love, trust, hope and courage. Listen in to hear why.


A new perspective is a hard thing to gain, but when found, its lessons are never forgotten. Speaking to 200 women we discovered new perspectives in trauma, religion and acceptance.


We all have stories to tell. We just happened to find 200 extraordinary life stories from around the world that we can share. Listen as women talk about immigration, the fragility of being a girl, the civil rights movement and gender reassignment.


Inspiring someone else is one of the greatest gifts you can give. It’s not a tangible thing, and as we discovered chatting to women, you can be inspired to do many things – ethical business, raise awareness, improve people’s living and working conditions or simply to love more.