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You want to reach new customers, and you know the web is the place to do it. How do you begin?

The Accelerate with Google Academy is designed to help you learn how to reach more customers on the web. We will provide educational resources and access to a trusted community of partners who can assist you in your journey. The Academy is a completely free, all you have to do to get started is complete the brief questionnaire below.

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Inclusion Online Matters

We believe every business owner should have equal opportunity to grow and thrive online.

Today’s fast-paced culture and complex global economy are fed by a thriving web. Yet there are many who don’t have as strong a presence on the web as they should. Changing that is not only the right thing to do, but also speaks to Google’s mission. At its best the web can be a tool to help every individual prosper -- but too often we see the same barriers to inclusion online as we do offline. At Google, we’re working to remove these barriers so we can create more opportunities for everyone to succeed. This is why we’ve made the Academy available as a trusted resource to help businesses like yours grow.

Academy Success Stories

See how fellow entrepreneurs have grown their businesses on the web with the Accelerate with Google Academy.

“The Academy increased our online visibility.”

Nikki Barua

Digital Agency

“We now rely on the web for 75% of our leads.”

Peter Prieto

IT Solutions

“Google connected the dots for us. It was an ‘aha’ moment.”

Marseyas Fernandez

MSF Global
Business Strategy Consulting

“80% of our leads now come from the web.”

Chris Naidoo

Sigma Luminous
LED Lighting Provider

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