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Don’t forget, a FREE car health check is waiting for you at an RAC Approved Garage near you.

It’s really easy to book – just choose your preferred garage and enter your membership number (00000000000). The garage will contact you to confirm your booking.
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20 checks, 20 minutes
Your free car health check gives you a picture of your car’s health, so you can make sure a breakdown doesn’t ruin your plans this summer.
Handbrake operation, hydraulic system and any evidence of faults
Levels of oil, coolant, power steering and anti-freeze
  Exhaust & drivetrain
Gearbox, clutch and joints, plus security of the exhaust system
Swivel axis, state of steering components and signs of corrosion
  Tyres & wheels
Check all tyres are in good condition and wear is even
  Lights & horn
Warning lights, lens condition and horn audibility
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We're here to give you complete peace of mind on the road, and this is just one of the ways to keep our members moving.
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Terms and Conditions
1. This free RAC Car Health Check (‘Health Check’) is for information only and does not include the cost of any repairs or services identified. 2. Health Check findings are correct at the time of inspection. RAC is not liable for any acts or omissions of the Garage and/or Mechanic completing this Health Check. 3. This Health Check is not confirmation of the vehicle’s roadworthiness and/or that the vehicle fulfils all the legal requirements to be used on the highway. This Health Check is not a full inspection and should not be used to confirm the vehicle’s condition prior to sale. This Health Check is not, and does not replace, an MOT. You should always ensure your vehicle has a current MOT test certificate. 4. This Health Check can only be redeemed at an RAC garage when booked through the online RAC health check booking system. 5. Offer valid until 31st October 2019.
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